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Version: 0.17.23

Usage statistics

To help us improve the tool, by default we track event data when certain Data Context-enabled commands are run. Our blog post from April 2020 explains a little bit more about what we want to capture with usage statistics and why! The usage statistics include things like the OS and python version, and which GX features are used. You can see the exact schemas for all of our messages here.

While we hope you'll leave them on, you can easily disable usage statistics for a Data Context by adding the following to your data context configuration:

data_context_id: <randomly-generated-uuid>
enabled: false

You can also disable usage statistics system-wide by setting the GE_USAGE_STATS environment variable to FALSE or adding the following code block to a file called great_expectations.conf located in /etc/ or ~/.great_expectations:


As always, please reach out on Slack if you have any questions or comments.