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Version: 0.17.23

Use Great Expectations with Prefect

Prefect is a workflow orchestration and observation platform that enables data engineers, ML engineers, and data scientists to stop wondering about their workflows. The Prefect open source library allows users to create workflows using Python and add retries, logging, caching, scheduling, failure notifications, and much more. Prefect Cloud offers all that goodness plus a hosted platform, automations, and enterprise features for users who need them. Prefect Cloud provides free and paid tiers.

Prefect can be used with Great Expectations validations so that you can be confident about the state of your data. With a Prefect deployment, you can productionize your workflow and run data quality checks in reaction to the arrival of new data or on a schedule.


Consult Prefect's Great Expectations + Prefect documentation for more information on using GX with Prefect.

For more information about how to use Prefect, refer to the Prefect documentation.