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Version: 0.17.23

Use Great Expectations with Meltano

Meltano is an Open Source DataOps OS that's used to install and configure data applications (Great Expectations, Singer, dbt, Airflow, etc.) that your team's data platform is built on top of, all in one central repository.

Using Meltano enables teams to easily implement DataOps best practices like configuration as code, code reviews, isolated test environments, CI/CD, etc. A common use case is to manage ELT pipelines with Meltano and as part of ensuring the quality of the data in those pipelines, teams bring in Great Expectations.


The most recent version of GX that supports this integration is GX 0.15.50

To use GX with Meltano, see How to use GX with Meltano in version 0.15.50 of the documentation.

For more information about implementing and using Meltano, see the Meltano site.