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Version: 0.14.13

How to host and share Data Docs on a filesystem

This guide will explain how to host and share Data DocsHuman readable documentation generated from Great Expectations metadata detailing Expectations, Validation Results, etc. on a filesystem.

Prerequisites: This how-to guide assumes you have:


1. Review defaults and change if desired.

Filesystem-hosted Data Docs are configured by default for Great Expectations deployments created using great_expectations init. To create additional Data Docs sites, you may re-use the default Data Docs configuration below. You may replace local_site with your own site name, or leave the default.

local_site: # this is a user-selected name - you may select your own
class_name: SiteBuilder
class_name: TupleFilesystemStoreBackend
base_directory: uncommitted/data_docs/local_site/ # this is the default path but can be changed as required
class_name: DefaultSiteIndexBuilder

2. Test that your configuration is correct by building the site

Use the following CLICommand Line Interface command: great_expectations docs build --site-name local_site. If successful, the CLI will open your newly built Data Docs site and provide the path to the index page.

> great_expectations docs build --site-name local_site

The following Data Docs sites will be built:

- local_site: file:///great_expectations/uncommitted/data_docs/local_site/index.html

Would you like to proceed? [Y/n]: Y

Building Data Docs...

Done building Data Docs

Additional notes

  • To share the site, you can zip the directory specified under the base_directory key in your site configuration and distribute as desired.

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